Kiosked serves programmatic native advertising

Native ad network.

Let’s add another predator to the jungle of ad tech, native ads. Kiosked is known for its versatile portfolio of ad solutions, mainly banner and display ads, but what you might not know (yet) is that we also support so-called native ads.

You might know the concept of native ads better under the terms ‘recommended’, ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’ content, which usually looks like a small article with a disclaimer next to it. Native ads differ from traditional ads in terms of how they mimic the existing advertising landscape and fall naturally into the online surrounding in which it is exposed.

Traditional display ad vs native ad on desktop.
Traditional display ad vs native ad on desktop
Traditional display ad vs native ad on mobile.
Traditional display ad vs native ad on mobile

How do native ads look?

Native ads are paid ads that look like part of the website’s content. They match the website in terms of look and feel, sometimes to an extent where it’s hard to tell if it’s an ad or part of the actual content.

The key to success in terms of native ads is the fact that they are non-disruptive, meaning they do not affect the user experience in any way. The reader might not even understand he or she is being exposed to paid advertising.

Kiosked offers sleek looking in-feed ad units that fit into any website. An in-feed native ad is often recognized by the label “sponsored” and can go live with or without any visual elements such as an image. Below are some examples of how the Kiosked in-feed native ads may appear.

Traditional display ad vs native ad on mobile.
In-feed native ad with an image

In-feed native ad without an image
In-feed native ad without an image

Why go native?

Simply put, because it’s a clever and neutral way to monetize your site. Why? Because the engagement level on native ads can be even higher than on the original content. Imagine that. Also, consumers are not tired of native ads, they might not even understand they are exposed to an ad, and therefore native ads create a pragmatic purchase intent. Even consumers who know that they are looking at a native ad, are not generally disturbed by them according to research. Native ads are often relevant, informative and interesting to the consumer, and therefore they tend to have a positive effect on purchase behavior.

Another huge benefit of native ads is the fact that they are free from any forms of malicious ad content because their form is strict and without the ability to add custom code. 

Get started with native ads

In order to maximize the revenue from your ad landscape, you have to carefully balance your traditional ads with native ads without harming the user experience. The Kiosked team are experts on this topic since a decade back, and we are happy to help sort out the best ad solution for your website.

Simply submit your site to and we are on it!