Make More Money with your site – Part 1 – Supply Quality

Make more money with your site - part 1 - Supply Quality

A warm welcome to part 1 of the mini-series Make More Money with your site. Today we will dig deeper into the concept Supply Quality and explain why designing your ad landscape wisely is crucial for your site’s revenue. There are three main categories you should consider a little extra when planning to maximize the monetization of your site. Let’s get started.

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Kiosked launches new double action ad unit

Double the action, triple the excitement with
Kiosked’s latest in-line ad unit

Kiosked now offers the standardized, medium rectangle unit also known under the name Medrec as a double unit. This means that you can literally double your revenue with one placement. This 2 x 300 x 250 powerhouse is considered one of the best-performing ad units on the market, but the problem has always been monetizing it in a smart way. Prepare for high performance, especially when you place it high up in the article.

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