Ramp up your page speed

So much time, effort and budget are being invested in making graphically appealing and jaw-dropping websites with the most spectacular UX design in order to attract visitors, while one of the most important aspects of a website often is forgotten about – the importance of page speed. Research shows that if a site is not loaded within 3 seconds, the visitor has most likely lost interest and moved elsewhere. Three seconds. The same applies to mobile traffic. Also, the likelihood of getting a visitor to return to your website is a lot higher if you don’t keep them waiting the first time. Page speed may be one of the easiest fixes to make your website more efficient, and we will help you explain how.

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How to tackle Malicious Ads & Malvertising

Watch out for the bad guys.

Malvertising is a new definition of the words of malicious advertising. Malvertising is the concept of a criminal attack, where someone intentionally inserts malicious code into advertising networks with the aim of causing harm. In this case, malicious ads are shown instead of legitimate ads that originally was intended to be shown.

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What will a cookieless Ad Tech future look like?

If GDPR is a new term to you, you must have been living under a rock the past two years or so. Jokes aside, here’s a recap. GDPR is a European data protection legislation, forcing companies to be more transparent about the use of personal data. Cookie consent is also one of the things that fall under the giant GDPR umbrella. It’s not only the EU that is keen on this privacy trend. California has jumped along with its California Consumer Privacy Act in order to ensure its resident’s privacy rights. 

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Make More Money with your site – Part 3 – Session length

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the mini-series Make More Money with your site. You know by now how to build a quality site and how to acquire visitors to your page. Today we will talk about how to keep these visitors on the site for as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more money you can (generally) make. Research says that over 70% of people who abandon your site never return… Sad news. Session length is crucial for maximizing revenue from current and future visits. So, how can you get your visitors to stick around a bit longer and hopefully return to your site you may wonder? Let us give you our best tips and tricks.

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