Ads are getting lean and mean: Industry placing users first

Welcome to 2017: The online advertising industry, closely monitored by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), now realizes how bloated and poor-performing their own ecosystem is. The tech community, behind the endless ad infrastructure of the internet, has been packing on the weight in terms of transfer size, memory usage, and an insatiable hunger for attention.

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The future of publishing and monetization from global experts

Kiosked Presents: Digital Advertising Highlights from Advertising Week New York from Kiosked on Vimeo.

We are thrilled to provide the best insights on digital advertising, online publishing, and the future of monetization from Q3 2016.

We interviewed online media professionals attending Kiosked events during Advertising Week New York – watch industry experts and hear them share their 2017 predictions. Global companies include Time Inc, Condé Nast, News Corp Australia, and MediaMath.

Halloween gallery of horrific digital advertising

Halloween may bring the monsters and spirits out on the streets, but the world wide web is haunted by horrific digital creatures every single day. At Kiosked we’re fighting the spirits of banners past, so this Halloween we are sending out a Monster PSA on some of the creepiest ad formats lurking behind all the ones and zeroes.

Read on uncover the scariest ad formats online at your own risk – they really are the stuff of marketers’ and publishers’ nightmares. Oh, you can also see the entire infographic on

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All about out-stream video advertising

As video advertising continues its double digit growth, a relatively new format has emerged to make waves across the industry. Out-stream video is steadily gaining popularity among advertisers and publishers, but what is it all about?

Along with this post we’re also premiering a new infographic that highlights what marketers think of out-stream video. Be the first to access it here or from the link below.

Read on to learn more about out-stream and how it can boost overall content monetization for publishers and viewability for advertisers.

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Monetization matters: growing your revenue

You are feasting your eyes on the third – and perhaps most crucial – installment of Monetization Matters, our new publisher series with listicles that cover everything from growing traffic, improving website UX, to of course, the different ways you can make more money off your website.

Today’s topic, growing revenue from content monetization, is particularly close to our hearts: Kiosked platform was created to disrupt the status quo in digital marketing to help publishers generate more ad revenue with less ads on their site.

Sounds counter-intuitive? Read on to learn why less is more and which strategies can help you grow.

Five Ways to Monetize

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Monetization matters: How to improve your website experience?

This is the second blog post of Monetization Matters, our new publisher series that covers all angles of website growth and monetization in snackable form. If you missed the first post, head over here to catch up on the basics of driving traffic.

This time we’ll be taking a look at website user experience and why publishers should focus on optimizing their site to combat ad blocking that is often the end result of user frustration.

Have a look at our stats and tips below, share it with your friends, and come back for more next week!

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