How to improve Cumulative Layout Shift

Core Web Vitals Cumulative Layout Shift

Welcome to part 4 and the final episode of the mini-series on how to improve your Core Web Vital rank. We are getting closer to May 2021 and you know what that means. Google will make the new ranking factor for search results official. In this part, we will cover the third and last ranking factor that Core Web Vitals Consist of called Cumulative Layout Shift, and explain how you can improve your CLS score.

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Publisher, Stop Losing Revenue to Adblockers

Image of a website with an eye and a red cross and the text Publisher, stop losing revenue to adblockers.

The digital landscape is not an easy surrounding for publishers to work in today. Not only do publishers have to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of over-exposed website visitors, but they also need to beat their worst, invisible rival – the adblocker. One in every 3 internet users in the U.S. alone is actively using an adblocker, leading to millions of dollars of annual revenue loss for publishers. Digiday forecasted that the cost of adblockers for publishers could exceed $35 billion by 2020. This is obviously not good news for publishers, but there’s a way out, and we are going to explain how.

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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages = AMP?

Amp logo and mobile device with Google logo.

If you are somewhat up to date with what’s going on in the tech world, you may have stumbled across the term AMP, the official shortcut for the term Accelerated Mobile Pages. What exactly is AMP then and who is behind it? Is it something you need to implement, and foremost, can you serve ads on an AMP site? Let us break down everything for you in this article.

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