Kiosked Browser Extensions Policy

This section of the privacy policy details behaviour surrounding the use of Kiosked’s browser extensions. Kiosked provides online advertising infrastructure with integrations for several 3rd party networks and providers. Our extensions may provide ads using the Kiosked platform, and these ads are bound by the Kiosked Privacy Policy (this policy) and Kiosked Data Processing Policy (

The user should be aware that by using our extensions, ads provided by 3rd party networks (often listed in our ads.txt) may be shown on any page. These networks abide by Kiosked privacy policies and their own privacy policies and data collection guidelines. By choosing to use our extensions the user should understand that ads shown while using said extensions floumay perform tracking or data collection as outlined in the relevant privacy policies and data processing policies owned by the activated advertising networks. Data exported from the extensions does not contain personally-identifiable information contained within it.